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released January 18, 2013

-All music written by Jeffrey Blum, John Nichols, and Stephen Miller.
-Recorded and produced by Travis Bonner at The Diamond Factory
-Artwork by Daniel Maldonado of Trash Art



all rights reserved


Blurry Vision Austin, Texas

Three-piece texas anger.

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Track Name: Sisyphus
Lifeless crypt
Lonesome pit
Death is starring you down
Straight into the fucking ground
You laid face down
So you can't see all that could've and should've
There's nothing holding you back from giving in
Worthless damned
Silent lamb
The absurd man
Release those bleeding hands
So you keep rotting, rotting
'Till you feel nothing, nothing
Seek relief under stone
The stone that stole your soul
Now you can be alone.
Track Name: Nine Years
I hope you're bored already
I hope you're bored already
Hung up and crucified to fill your time
This is how I unwind
Condensed depression in every song
You don't sing along
You will never sing along
And when I die
These words will pass too
You are my canvas
I'd be so grateful but
I know you're bored already
I know you're bored already
Break the microphone into my head
So I won't dwell that I never said
The right thing for anything
I'm nothing
I'm nothing
Just cells, and fears, and untreated said disease
My creator was slipping when he created me
I'm a rational being that won't beg you to keep interest
A blind witness
To my one accomplishment
Watch me ruin it.
Track Name: Bad Blood
The face of a wilted youth
Now they grow from a tainted root
Oh how they hide behind their pride
We'll eat them alive
Dead Ramones, we’ve lost our sacred home
Who knew that bleach could be unstained?
Our grandfather's rot in their graves
With no one to cherish their name
"Rise above it," they scream
But the hollowness rings
You’ve torn down these four, thick, black walls
It’s all the same in my eyes
Watch it fade, fade away
Fade away
Track Name: Jacob's Broken Ladder
Hear me out
All you have is a little regret
Gray and old in a king-size deathbed
The Rod of Asclepius around your neck
A serpent entwines your
Fixing someone else won't fix you
That siren song, she sounds so sick
I see myself in your diseased face
I am your chromosome
Pulled apart for a plastic home
Your guilt still crawls on whitewashed walls
My conscience breaks your gracious fall
Track Name: Slumset
Objective pity, forgive he who wants to be saved
I'll choose to repent in my grave
Was it fucking worth it?
"It is bad to-day, and it will be worse to-morrow;
and so on 'till the worst of all"
We can't lie to ourselves if there's no one around
When a tree falls all alone to the ground
No one really gives a shit if it makes a sound
Slumset down
Drag it out
Years and years left to exist
Too weak to give up
Embrace disappointment
Learn to live with it
It always gets worse after midnight
But I'll enjoy the slumset.
Track Name: Prescription Religion
Such fucking hypocrites 
Living to speak in spits 
Baptized in a hospital 
Diagnosed to be saved by the one 
Who enters your heart, and circles your veins 
He soothes every cringe, when you’re itching
Who’s Jesus Christ? 
I drank your blood and ate your flesh 
It tasted so fucking good 
Cannibalistic profession of shit 
I’m still hungry inside 
Prescription religion, make me decay 
God-sick youth with nothing to say 
Prescription religion, dope me away 
Pathetic insect in this tragedy play 
Prescription religion rotting my brain 
Communion incision, make me sane 
Prescription religion from IV to vein 
Spoon-fed fables I took and I took
All that I see 
Through this medical greed
Lost sense of peace
Listen carefully 
This epiphany sheds my skin to be set free.
Track Name: Black Hole
Fate is wrapped around your throat
And now your chest is locking up
One day it will come, don't you know
The burden is piling up
Feel your blood run cold
Thoughts become dissonance
Give in to the black hole
Give in to the black hole
You can't stop it
You can't stop it
You'll be forgotten
Now the blame is yours
A price you've paid before
Ever the body betrays
So it remains
Done holding out for better days
Let it slip away
I've got kerosene veins
Set me aflame
Sinking slow, slipping fast
Better now than to let it last
Everything is passing by
No one left to say goodbye
Give in to the black hole
Give in to the black hole.
Track Name: Saint Morphine
My savior comes
Gentle white moth
She tip toes in with a dripping cloth
Her wings turn black
My eyes roll back
Unconscious breath
Breathes silently to a string quartet.
Drip it in. Wear her skin. Fuck your sins.
Young worth is gone
Just a piece of meat
All in the fucking past is lost history
My teeth clench each synapse
I am every single thought
I’m God sent to take back
Any words he ever “said”
So bathe me in purity
I’ll be the one who writes your life
Indulge hate and instigate
Praise me up off your knees
Drip it in. Wear her skin. Fuck your sins.
Track Name: Talk To The Trees
My warmth has run its course
The organs frozen numb
The air I seek, I can't make myself breathe
So greet my throbbing bones
The quill breaks my hide
Some blood provides but can't satisfy
False light, keep me alive
You false light, stutter though you might
False light, make me subside
You false light, I don't mean no harm tonight
Rest your withered head
My chest a bed of nails
We'll both get hurt and claim rebirth
But I don't care anymore
My dreams insisted I die
I feel I am obliged
Lord knows I fucking tried
The lonely porcupine.